DeKalb eWaste Recycling this Saturday


Spring is around the corner and it’s clean up time! DeKalb has it’s monthly eWaste recycling this coming Saturday, March 3rd, as well as on every first Saturday of the month. DeKalb’s pick up is in the parking lot at the corner of Grove and S. 4th St. from 9-11am Saturday.

DeKalb County has worked hard to recycle electronics since many items were banned from the landfill in 2012. The electronics recycling market has experienced many ups and downs over the last five years. We are at a point where most electronic items have no value
and we have to pay recyclers to take them now.

The Municipality contractor has decided to reduce the acceptable items at the collection events to the 17 banned items in the State of Illinois.  Only the following items can be recycled: Computers, Computer Monitors*, Printers, TVs (all types)*, Electronic Keyboards, Fax Machines, VCRs, Portable CD Players, DVD Players, Video Game Consoles, Mouse, Scanners, Digital Converter Box, Cable Receiver, Satellite Receiver, DVD recorder, Small Scale Server.

There is a cost to recycle some items. Computer Monitors (all sizes) $10 •Television (18’’ or less) $20 • Television (19’’ or more) $30.  Only cash will be accepted at Municipality locations. Residents will receive a coupon for equal value when paying to recycle TVs, and
monitors. All other items listed above are free.

Most electronics with a cord or non-rechargeable battery that are not listed above can
be thrown out as trash. Some exceptions are refrigerators/freezers, dehumidifier’s,
and air conditioners which contain Freon.

Please note you can recycle electronics Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm at DC Trash
(14438 E. North Ave, Cortland), however there will be charges for all items recycled at the
Cortland Facility. Please contact DC Trash at 815-758-7274 for specific pricing information.
Residents will receive a coupon for equal value when paying to recycle electronics (this
excludes items containing Freon). Staff will be present to help unload heavy items. Cash,
check or credit/debit card will be accepted at the DC Trash location only. DC Trash also offers pick up from your home for an additional fee.

Residents of Genoa, Kirkland and Sycamore must contact Waste Management at 1-800-449-7587, , or email to recycle electronics.

For more information about DeKalb County Health Department contact them at 815-758-6673 or To recycle an item not listed above contact the Health Department 815-748-2408 or


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