DeKalb’s City Manager Resigns

Anne Marie Gaura

On March 23, 2018, Anne Marie Gaura provided her notice that as of March 27, 2018, she will resign her position as as City Manager from the City of DeKalb after more than four years of service to the community. Ms. Gaura has decided to move on and pursue other career opportunities. Anne Marie Gaura has served as City Manager since January 2014.

Mayor Jerry Smith stated, “Anne Marie Gaura served the City of DeKalb as its City Manager for over four years, and dedicated significant time and effort to her duties. Her service is greatly appreciated. The City wishes her success in her future endeavors.”


  1. It should be noted, that the city manager, placed this item on the agenda as part of the “consent agenda. Absolutely shameful! What this means is, this item will not be brought forth for separate action, unless a brave city Council member requests that the item be discussed. This item needs to be debated, and voted on separately, as a major expenditure is part of this agreement. David Jacobson Mike Verbic Jerry Smith.

    • The debate may well have taken place in executive session after the Wednesday special meeting adjourned. Any final action from that closed session must be approved in open session (when rules are being followed). Public debate is not required. I suspect a confidentiality agreement limits any such debate, at least as far as the details. That’s my guess.

    • David Jacobson yes. I’ve always been an advocate of any spending measure, be voted on separately. Anything that involves taxpayer dollars, needs to be out in the open. I hate seeing any sort of expenditure hidden on the consent agenda. In my opinion, the consent agenda should be only for the approval of items that do not involve money. I’m not saying that a long debate should take place revolving rock salt, but a separate vote..yes.

    • Its no less “out in the open” on a consent agenda… same back up, same public reading of the item, still subject to a vote… just an omnibus one. Many cities use.consent agendas for.nearly every item on the agenda. Taking a single vote merely speeds up an otherwise long meeting…

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