NIU ordered to pay attorney fees plus court costs


On March 29, 2018, Judge Bradley Waller entered a decision in Haji-Sheikh v NIU. The Court found that Misty Haji-Sheikh substantially prevailed and that NIU has to pay her lawyer’s fees and court costs.  The Court specifically explained that NIU could have avoided going to court once NIU had made aware of the Open Meetings Act issue and NIU chose to proceed to court. The Court awarded Haji-Sheikh $55,946.00 plus court costs of $932.89.

Haji-Sheikh stated

“The Edgar County Watchdogs assisted in initially identifying the OMA violation and assisted in locating an attorney who would prosecute the lawsuit on my behalf.  I would also like to thank my lawyer Charles L. Philbrick. and his law firm Rathje and Woodward.”


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