Parking changes to begin March 12 for Phase One of Safe Streets Initiative


The Safe Streets Initiative is a multi-faceted program designed to enhance public safety
in neighborhoods near or adjacent to Northern Illinois University. The Safe Streets
Initiative is comprised of three components; proactive policing strategies, enhanced
parking regulations, and establishing “safe routes” in the affected neighborhoods. The
proactive policing strategies have been in effect for several months and through a
combination of community-based and intelligence-driven policing the reduction of crime
is evident.

The enhanced parking regulations are beginning to be deployed with Phase One of the
program. A map of Phase One parking regulations can be found here. Signs that
display the new parking restrictions are being installed by Public Works staff the week of
Monday, March 12. In order to allow residents time to adjust to the new parking
restrictions, a two-week grace period will run from Wednesday, March 14 to
Wednesday, March 28. Individuals who violate parking restrictions during this time will
not be ticketed. Instead, a green notice warning of parking changes will be placed on
vehicles in violation. Full enforcement of Phase One parking restrictions will go into
effect on Thursday, March 29.

Residents who qualify for a parking permit can submit an application to the DeKalb
Police Department for no charge. A PDF of the permit application can be found here.
This permit will be valid until August 2018. Beginning in August 2018, resident permits
will run alongside the university school year. Permits will be available for purchase and
be valid from August 2018 until July 2019.

iPhase One of the Safe Streets Initiative addresses the neighborhoods adjacent to or near Russell Road and Crane Drive. Russell Road and Crane Drive restrictions will prohibit on-street parking between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Parking restrictions on the north side of Crane Drive are a no-parking zone (at all times) and the south side is no parking 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. These areas are both tow zones during prohibited hours.

In addition, Moraine Terrace, Pheasant Run, and Evergreen Circle have been converted to 24-hour resident parking only on the south side of the street, with resident parking permits. Charles Street and High Terrace have also been converted to resident parking only. These areas will also be tow zones.

Additional information regarding Phase One, in addition to the other phases of the Safe Streets Initiative, can be found on the Safe Streets landing page. Scan the QR code to learn more.


  1. Someone needs to start a Facebook group called ” How the DeKalb Crime Free Housing Authority Screwed Me”. Where people can come and explain their frivolous citations written by the city of DeKalb. It was supposed to be for multi unit dwellings, not single family houses. So far I know of 3 cases where the city issued warrants for chipped paint.

  2. Wait…. So now my landlord will tow myself/friends/ family members of they park in my parking lot and on top of that they’ll get a ticket if they park, especially over night on the street out side my house………
    Yup awesome.

    Btw, they started this shit two+ years ago in my area, it hasn’t curbed violence as it’s gotten more violent (4years ago the number of shootings within 800ft of my house was 0 not half a dozen) so obviously the crime is all due to parking….
    On top of that, I still see parties with several dozens of cars parking in any spot available blocks away and walking over, I’ve seen house parties with hundreds and apartments packed with dozens…. So what good to parking regulations do other then taking a citizens hard earned money???

  3. What a joke. Is there any proof this actually helps lower crime? All you’re doing is ticketing college kids that forget to move their cars at night. So people visiting NIU either get a ticket for parking on a street or get towed parking in a private lot.

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