Police Department Launches Safe Streets Initiative Page to Website


The DeKalb Police Department has taken steps over the past few months to inform the public and collect input on the City’s Safe Streets Initiative. To support that effort, the Department recently launched a Safe Streets Initiative page on the City’s website. The page includes information on all phases of the initiative, updates to proposed parking restrictions, and an input form for residents to share their comments and concerns.

The Safe Streets Initiative is a multi-faceted plan that incorporates four phases of various parking provisions that help ensure streets are clear, have enhanced visibility, and improve first responder access. In December, the City Council approved an ordinance that implemented Phase One of the initiative. Phases Two through Four of the initiative will be brought to the City Council in the coming months.

The Police Department recognizes the importance of public input in this process. The department began collecting input from various stakeholders in early November as a response to criminal activity that peaked in late October. Police Chief Gene Lowery, along with members of the Police Command Staff, held meetings with a number of individuals and groups, including student leaders and staff from Northern Illinois University, members of the faith-based communities, landlords, and residents. The department also walked door-to-door to speak with residents in the first phase of the plan; an action that will be repeated in future phases. The public input received will be considered as the City moves forward with future phases.

To view the latest information and provide your input, we encourage you to visit the Safe Street Initiative page.

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