Sycamore Park District Family Flashlight Egg Hunt Thursday!


Grab your family and your flashlights for an egg hunting adventure this Thursday, March 29th, from 8:30 pm– 9:00 pm with the Sycamore Park District! Search the bunny’s forest in the DARK to find the eggs he’s left behind! Each egg is filled with a special prize. Families of all ages are encouraged to hunt together, and children six and under must be accompanied by an adult. FREE.

Bring your own flashlight and a bag for the eggs you find. To ensure a fun experience for all, safety is encouraged, along with fair play and friendliness, so please hunt nicely at this unique egg hunt.

Adult volunteers are needed for boundary control. If interested, contact Lisa Metcalf at 815-895-3365 or Visit the Sycamore Park District online now to learn more about all they have to offer!