LTE: Vote smarter this March


To my fellow citizens of Illinois 16th congressional district:

We have a choice to make in the March primary. We can vote for the same person who is in there now or we can vote for a change.  I’m voting for a change.  Adam Kinzinger is not representing conservatives.  We can check his voting record and I have done that for you but feel free to check for yourself.  According to, Adam Kinzinger has a 44% rating which means he votes conservative 44% of the time.

According to Adam gets an F with a 34% conservative rating.  As far as his freedom rating, for 2017 he got a 41% rating from freedom  His 2018 rating is a whopping 0%.  Folks, he thinks we’re not paying attention!  Let’s show him that we are!  Tell every person in our district that you know that we need to vote for James Marter to represent us.

James Marter

Please join me in voting for James Marter in the March primary.  Visit his website,

Donate a few bucks. He doesn’t belong to the Washington establishment. Please don’t stay home for this primary!  We can make a difference.  If you aren’t registered, get registered and then vote.

— Sharon Hansen

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