​​Illinois Treasurer’s Note: Follow the Money


Today, we know too many people do not trust government.

One way to repair this relationship is to provide information in a format that is easy to use, understand, and analyze.

That is why we built The Vault. It is our latest tool to serve the people of Illinois.

This interactive website increases transparency and accountability so you can ‘follow the money.’ It makes it easier to see how the treasury invests taxpayer dollars and pulls aside the curtain so people can see how the state manages its debt.

The Vault takes static information and makes it interactive. Information about the treasury’s $28 billion portfolio is presented so users can easily compare, filter, and expand charts, tables, and graphs. Data can be exported and shared to social media for investment comparisons.

Available at www.iltreasurervault.com, The Vault also shows the treasury’s business transactions with firms based in Illinois and firms owned by minorities, women, Veterans, or a person with a disability.

Individuals interested in state investment and banking activities are expected to be frequent visitors to The Vault. We strongly encourage everyone who visits to offer suggestions on how we can improve.

I often say the treasury’s primary function is to invest money on behalf of the state, units of local government, and families saving for college. However, we must also offer tools to help people invest in themselves. The Vault is our latest step on that journey. I encourage you to visit.

Michael W. Frerichs
Illinois State Treasurer

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