Beyond Grandma’s Attic: The Making of an Exhibit this Thursday


The DeKalb County History Center recently opened their new exhibit, “Beyond Grandma’s Attic.” There are many interesting artifacts on display, but ever wonder how an exhibit is put together? Or what makes a good exhibit? Then stop by the new DeKalb County History Center’s (formerly the Sycamore History Museum) Brown Bag/Local Lore program this Thursday, May 3.

“Creating exhibits is one of the favorite parts of my job,” explained Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director of the DeKalb County History Center. “Many people enjoy visiting an exhibit and enjoy learning more about local history, but what they don’t realize is the months of planning, the research, the decisions about what to include or not, along with taking into consideration the different audiences who visit the museum,” she continued.

Donahoe will explore what makes a good exhibit, the decision making process that examines what to include, the commitment to caring for the items on display, the research procedures, and factors in determining the design and layout. She will also discuss the importance of including a hands-on interactive areas to engage younger audience members.

The Brown Bag/Local Lore programs are a partnership between the DeKalb County History Center and the Ellwood House Museum. The Thursday, May 3 program will be held at noon at the DeKalb County History Center, 1730 N. Main Street at 12:00 p.m. There is no charge for the program, but donations are appreciated. Coffee and cookies will be provided. The new exhibit will be open for tours after the presentation. For more information call 815-895-5762 or visit

Photo: Michelle Donahoe will present “Beyond Grandma’s Attic: The Making of an Exhibit” as part of the May 3 Brown Bag/Local Lore lunch program at the new DeKalb County History Center.

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