Check Out That “Sign” Before Parking


Phase Two of Safe Street Initiative

Received from the DeKalb Police Department. City staff installs parking signs for Phase Two of Safe Street Initiative Parking restriction. The second Phase of the Safe Street Initiative were approved by City Council on April 9. Signs that display the new parking restrictions were installed by Public Works staff yesterday, on Tuesday, May 29. Depending of the location of the sign will determine the color permit associated with that area and the sign installed. Installation will begin in the area between Northern Ln and Hyacinth Ln and continue into the North Fifth Ward. Because of a delay in the shipment of supplies, the end date of installation is currently unknown. However, a good standard is to acquire the necessary application and apply for the residential parking permit before a ticket issued.

To allow residents time to adjust to the new parking restrictions, a grace period will be in
place until a final installation date can be determined. A press release will be issued in
the coming weeks to update residents on the conclusion of the grace period and start of
full enforcement. (check back with DeKalb County Online for more information.)

Residents who qualify for a parking permit can submit an application at the DeKalb
Police Department. A permit can take, as much as, 24 hours to process and issue. Phase Two expands resident parking areas from Phase One into other areas. This change is intended to preclude the displacement of vehicles from Phase Three into adjacent residential neighborhoods, and also prevent the deterioration of public safety
conditions in the College/John Neighborhood and North Fifth Ward.

Additional information regarding Phase Two, in addition to the other phases of the Safe
Street Initiative can be found on the Safe Streets landing page. See map.

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