Fabled Plains is Playing Tonight at Tapa La Luna


Tapa La Lana is hosting Rochelle-based Americana band Fabled Plains tonight starting at 7:00pm. They make use of heartfelt melodies, exciting instrumentals, and ringing three-part harmonies; catch this remarkable and charming band for a unique musical experience while enjoying cocktails and dining at Tapa La Luna. They will be providing a musical backdrop for the next three Fridays.

Fabled Plains got their start in 2017 when singer/songwriter Orlando Pena began his search for a violinist, found in Abby Rose.  The band continued to grow with the addition of electric guitarist Bryan Olson and bassist Cory Ellis.  Fabled Plains’ sound is eclectic, building on folk, rock, blues, and funk elements. Tapa’s is located at – 226 E Lincoln Hwy, DeKalb. For Information, Click here.

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