FREE Training! Do you know of someone with Chronic Disease or Diabetes?


Becoming a Trainer. It’s an opportunity to help both family and others by teach and share information that will improve their life.  The Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging is seeking interested people who are willing to hold classes in the DeKalb County area. The NIAAA will provide techniques and information that will assist in creating self-management programs for healthy living.

The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and the Diabetes Self-Management Program was developed by Stanford University and has been proven to reduce hospital re-admissions. This agency has been involved with this evidence-based health program since 2010. In addition, certified leaders have conducted hundreds of workshops throughout our nine county area. In order to move this program forward, there must be trained leaders to facilitate the classes. Please consider becoming a motivating part of this necessary team to advance healthy living. Sign up today for one of the FREE upcoming training.

For more information on attending or future training events, contact Ashlee Dearman, Community Program Coordinator at Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging. Please call: 779-221-3722 or email: 

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