Help Park District at Prairie Park Garlic Mustard Pull Saturday!


The DeKalb Park District is hosting a Community Day at Prairie Park this Saturday, May 5th beginning at 9:00am. Participants will meet at Disc Golf Course at Prairie Park (corner of Glidden and Clifford) and tackle some park clean up projects from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Bring gloves and appropriate clothing.

Please join the DeKalb Park District as they pull Garlic Mustard in Prairie Park to remove this invasive weed from the park. Garlic mustard is a threat to the forest ecosystems of the midwest. It is able to form stands that dominate the understory forests and actively displace native understory plant species. Tree seedlings (especially oaks) and many wildflowers (including spring beauty, trout lily, wild ginger, bloodroot, Dutchman’s breeches, hepatica, toothwort, and trillium) cannot survive the explosive growth and spread of garlic mustard. In addition, invertebrates and other consumers that rely on these natural plant species for food are harmed by the spread of this invasive “weed”. Garlic mustard also produces root exudates that inhibit the growth of important soil fungi and leaf chemicals that kill native butterfly larvae that feed on the plant.

They’ll meet at the Disc Golf course and work near the bridge and spread out from there! Click here for more information now!

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