Mayor Accepts Resignation of City Clerk


On May 24, 2018, Mayor Jerry Smith accepted the resignation of City Clerk Susanna Herrmann. Ms. Herrmann has held office since May 2017, when she was sworn in after being elected to a four-year term as City Clerk. In her resignation, Ms. Herrmann indicated that she was resigning for personal reasons.

“On behalf of the City Council, I thank Ms. Herrmann for her service to the City and wish her the best,” said Mayor Smith. “I will move quickly to identify a qualified candidate to fill the office until our residents have the opportunity to elect a City Clerk. We are fortunate to have three Deputy City Clerks, each of whom is very capable to carry out the duties as outlined in City ordinance.’” Under Illinois law, a vacancy resulting from a resignation shall be filled through appointment by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. In the interim, the duties and responsibilities of the City Clerk will be assumed by the City’s three Deputy City Clerks, Shelly Jureczek, Carri Parker, and Ruth Scott.

“It is obvious to me that the role of City Clerk has changed in recent years, and the entire
spectrum of whether our Clerk should be appointed versus elected and full or part-time has
been discussed,” Smith stated. “In fulfilling my responsibility to appoint a new Clerk, I fully intend to involve our City Council and the constituencies that we serve. Towards that end, I encourage residents to provide their input on what this process should entail. Furthermore, I’d like to hear what services our citizens expect from a City Clerk.” Persons interested in being considered for this appointment are encouraged to communicate their interest to Mayor Smith via email at or by phone at (815)748-2099. Duties and responsibilities of the City Clerk include attendance at all meetings of the
City Council, preparation of meeting minutes, and attesting the Mayor’s signature and applying the City Seal to all ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.


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