COM ED shuts off power with new smart meters

According to sources from DARA (DeKalb Area Rental Association) there have been some problems with the installations of the NEW SMART meters. 
Concern #1: A tenant called for a final reading and Com Ed shuts the power off that day (new smart meters) unless they have a new account to bill it to. Landlord had not rented the location.


Concern #2:  A landlord had the power shut off when the tenant moved out, and with the severe rains on Tuesday, luckily the basement didn’t flood due to no power to the sump pump pit


  1. Smart Meter installed here… not sure if power went off (we were not home)… But no blinking clocks, so it must’ve been fast!
    Question: New Smart Meter will obviously replace meter readers. Is any of that cost savings being passed along to consumers?
    I’ll leave the energy saving Byron nukes and Dekalb County landowners that now have major wire towers on their property, and the windmill topic out of this 🤦🏼‍♂️.

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