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James Mason responding to Irene Rubin:

*As received on DeKalb County Online Facebook @Messager.

Irene Rubin wrote on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, Eliminating Students Who Don’t Live Here Will Cost District.

Irene, we aren’t talking so much about out of district students as much as we are about students that are here illegally without parents or legal guardians. Legal parents and legal guardians appointed by local courts is what are missing in District 428. 105ILCS5_10_20_.12b clearly states, custody exercised by an adult who demonstrates that, in fact, he or she assumes and exercises legal responsibility for the people and provides the pupil with a regular fixed night time abode for the purpose other than to have access to the educational programs of District 428.

Irene, all students that don’t comply with article (V) five will be leaving district 428 next year. The Title One food program in District 428 is at 70% or about 4700 students. A majority of these students will be returning back to their communities of origin. This will cause the transportation budget to drop from $8.5 Million back to maybe $1 Million and the school enrollment will drop back down to 2500 students. The problem is not out of district students that you allude to, although that is a problem. This situation is costing illegal taxation to local taxpayers upwards of $47 Million a year which has ruined real estate values, business creation, and all those nasty things that fall under capitalism.

Irene, you also mentioned we would be losing $5396.00 from state and federal government. This money is coming from other people in the country. The DeKalb taxpayers are not worried about losing $5396.00 in government funds if we can save $10,000 for each out-of-district student that is registered here without an in district parent or legal guardian. The winning scenario is for District 428 to follow the law and only allow children from taxpaying parents or tuition paying citizens to access our schools in DeKalb.

It would be my pleasure to have you as my guest on my Inconvenient Truth Radio show on WLBK AM1360 any Thursday of your choosing at 9:10 AM. With full disclosure in mind, your husband Herb and I have been friends for over 30 years and I would love to have him on the show with you at the same time. We can handle it.

Irene, God bless you for your many years of service and involvement in the DeKalb community.

James Mason
DeKalb, IL

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