Open Door Received a Generous Donation


On Monday, June 25, 2018, The Illinois Counties Association recently granted each of the 102 counties in the State of Illinois a donation to distribute to nonprofits of their choice within their county. DeKalb County Board Chairman Mark Pietrowski and Vice Chairman John Frieders, chose Open Door Rehabilitation Center as one of the DeKalb County nonprofits to receive a DeKalb County donation. Rita Potter, Executive Director, accepted the generous donation which will be used to enhance services and programs for Open Door clients.

Open Door Rehabilitation Center provides unrivaled high-quality, person driven services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in order to promote independence, growth and an exceptional quality of life for their clients. The center has recently adopted a mascot named ODDO the Open Door Octopus. ODDO is an acronym for Opening Doors and Developing Opportunities. Each of ODDO’s tentacles represent the 8 areas of life that clients must address in order to live a balanced life. ODDO has colorful tattoos on each of his tentacles which represent different aspects of a balanced life. He wears a blue bandanna on his head – because he’s cool.

Visit: to learn more or call 815-786-8468.

In Photo: From Left to Right,  John Frieders, Rita Potter, Mark Pietrowski

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