Huck’s Tips for Happy, Healthy Dog Days of Summer


Huck’s Tips for Happy, Healthy Dog Days of Summer

Love your dog’s long, beautiful coat, but want to keep her cool this summer? Consider a shorter trim on her belly. Also, keeping the long hair/undercoat brushed out all summer long will make her feel as cool as can be! Regular grooming helps dogs of all coat textures.

Don’t forget the flea and tick treatment! Check with your vet for the best option for your pet. Are pesky bugs a bother? We now carry “NoBugz” spray, which helps combat mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats and more!






Can’t keep your dog out of the lake or pool this summer? Brushing long coated dogs before and after a swim (just like before and after bathing) can help prevent matting and tangles. Use a cotton ball and wipe ears to dry out the ears after a dip in the pond.

Hot asphalt is no friend to your dog. Just remember, if the asphalt would feel uncomfortable on your bare feet, it’s too hot for Fido’s paws! Opt for some playtime in the grass or indoors instead.


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