New Parking Restrictions – East of Annie Glidden


The Safe Streets Initiative is a multi-faceted program designed to enhance public safety
in neighborhoods near or adjacent to Northern Illinois University. The Safe Streets
Initiative comprises three components; proactive policing strategies, enhanced parking
regulations, and the establishment of “safe routes” in the affected neighborhoods.
Phase Four of the SSI was passed by City Council on Monday, June 23.

The enhanced parking regulations are beginning to be deployed with Phase Four of the
program. Signs that display the new parking restrictions are being installed by Public
Works staff. Once the installation is complete, a two-week grace period will begin. The
department will release an additional notice at the start of the two-week grace period.
At this time, the permits are not required in Phase Four, pending the completion of the
sign installation.

Phase Four establishes additional parking restrictions east of Annie Glidden Road that
include resident parking areas and parking bans from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. A breakdown of
these restrictions can be seen here.

Residents who qualify for a resident permit may submit an application to the DeKalb Police Station at 700 W Lincoln Highway. Residents will need to come into the Police Station to renew their permit and pay the $25 fee. Please note that it may take as much as one business day to process permit applications.

All resident passes issued in Phase One and Two of the Safe Streets Initiative will
expire on August 1. Residents in these areas will need to renew their application at the
DeKalb Police Department and pay the $25 yearly fee. To stay up to date on the implementation of new parking restrictions and parking permit guidelines.