Dairy Joy in Hinckley Makes National List

Dairy Joy Drive-In

A local restaurant recently received some national recognition. The Dairy Joy Drive-In on Route 30 in Hinckley was listed among the thirty “Best Roadside Restaurants Across America,” and was one of only three Illinois restaurants to make the list.

The article/slideshow, which appeared in the Lifestyle section of the msn.com website on August 23, 2018, said the restaurants profiled “showcase some of the most memorable and unique regional cuisines the country has to offer.” Travel writer, Mia Taylor, praised Dairy Joy, not only for its delicious food, but also for its “small-town charm,” calling it “a photogenic favorite with road trippers.”

Dairy Joy opened in 1957, and according to its website was at one time “the only eatery to be found” in Hinckley.

Link to original article: Best Roadside Restaurants Across America
Dairy Joy slide: Dairy Joy Drive-In; Hinckley, Illinois


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