DeKalb Sewer Emergency Repair


During the week of August 13, Tapa La Luna experienced issues with their sewer line. City of DeKalb staff have been working with the Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District and property owners to investigate this matter. That investigation has included televising nearby sewer lines and excavating in Lincoln Highway. At this point, we have identified that the sewer service for Tapa La Luna was blocked by grease and was partially collapsed. They also found that the Antique Treasures building was served by a sewer line that tee-d into the Tapa sewer line, as well as by a second, illegal sewer line that connected to the City’s storm sewer. Because of the age of the structures, apportioning blame is impossible.

The costs of repair for these conditions is estimated to be between $60,000-100,000. In order to prevent that significant of a financial impact on the business owners, the City and District are working to coordinate the repair. They have been working with the District on an intergovernmental agreement to address the issue. Under the IGA, the District agrees to supervise the completion of the work and to coordinate payment of related invoices. The City would agree to reimburse the District up to $100,000, for TIF-eligible expenses including repairs to the public infrastructure, repairs to the private sewer lines, and repairs within the buildings (if required). The City would also reimburse itself for any permit fees that would ordinarily be imposed, rather than charging the property owners.

Given the timing of Corn Fest, the roadway was temporarily repaired so that it could be used without a public safety hazard. If this item is authorized, emergency repairs will be undertaken in the days after the City Council meeting. If this item is not approved, it is unclear what the outcome will be given the magnitude of cost involved. The cost here is so significant because both the sanitary and storm sewers are involved, and because much of the work is in Lincoln Highway, which requires traffic control and a heavy-duty repair to accommodate truck traffic.

An amended agenda for the August 27 City Council Meeting is attached.

City of DeKalb



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