Nature Trail Restoration Plan Starts Soon


In the next coming weeks and months, the DeKalb Park District, in conjunction with ENCAP Inc., will begin implementing the Nature Trail Restoration Plan.

PHASE 1 includes the removal of woody and invasive and undesirable plant material. The District recognizes that during PHASE 1, areas being restored may not be aesthetically pleasing.

We are confident that the end results will produce a beautiful trail corridor to be enjoyed by residents for decades to come. In addition, animal, bird, and bug species will flourish along the trail!


  • August 6-10: Herbicide treatment of woody invasive/undesirable plant material
  • August 13-17: Herbicide treatment of herbaceous invasive/undesirable plant material
  • Early September: Follow-up herbicide treatment
  • Mid-September/October: Site Mowing
  • Late Fall: Seeding of site


In November 2017, the DeKalb Park District approved a plan for restoration work to be done on the DeKalb Nature Trail.  The plan calls for the removal of undesirable and invasive species, as well as introduction of high quality native species that will improve the overall quality and ecological function of the plant communities.  It will provide habitat for birds and butterflies in the heart of our community.

The project was bid out and the restoration work was awarded to Encap, Inc. of DeKalb.   The first phase of the project will begin in August.   This first phase will only encompass the northeast side of the trail (the side that has the power lines).   No work will be done on the southwest side of the trail until future phases.   Additionally, during the first phase of the project, no work will be done in the wooded area west of the river.

The plan calls for existing open area vegetation to receive selective herbicide application treatment to non-native and invasive species.   These areas will receive supplementary seeding and small tree and shrub plantings will be installed to coordinate with existing shrub plantings.  The seed mix will include a diverse mix of native grasses and flowers with various colors and blooming times throughout the year.   In the area along the shoreline the seed mix will be a mix that will be dominated by native grasses that will assist with soil stabilization in erosion-prone areas.

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