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Unfortunately, we could only get in a partial show due to the weather, so we pushed a fan favorite Figure 8 and Demolition Derby to the beginning of the night. Thanks to all who stayed positive and hopeful that the soaking mist would go away. Since only two events were completed we issued full rain checks for this show. Rain checks are good to use through 9/1/18.

Friday, August 24, 2018 Results

Specialty Races
Figure 8: Spectator
1st: 72x Brandon Ricker Kingston
2nd: 21k Paige Ricker Kingston

Demo: Spectator
1st: O Dan Anderson Kirkland
2nd: 11x Mike McMurray Kirkland
3rd: 72x Brandon Ricker Kingston

Results from Last Week’s Corn Classic
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018

Super Late Models
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 8 Corey Trump Claire 16.953
Trophy Dash: 22 Jeremy Spoonmore Leland
Heat 1: 23 Danny Deutsch Marseilles
Heat 2: 22 Jeremy Spoonmore Leland

1st: 22 Jeremy Spoonmore Leland
2nd: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin
3rd: 3m Dale Markham Maple Park
4th: 20jr Reno Markham Kirkland
5th: o2m Matt McCain Aurora
6th: 26g Gary Glatzhofer Batavia
7th: 7 Jeff Schultz Sr Carol Stream
8th: 82 Glen Toppel Elgin
9th: 23 Danny Deutsch Marseilles
10th: 8 Corey Trump Claire

# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 56c Brandon Ricker Kingston 19.461
Heat : 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland
Feature 1:
1st: 56c Brandon Ricker Kingston
2nd: 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland

Street Stocks
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 79 Dave Richards Marengo 18.703
Trophy Dash: 4z Zach Zuberbier Kingston
Heat 1: 30 Peter Hayes Villa Park
Heat 2: 4z Zach Zuberbier Kingston

Feature 1:
1st: 4z Zach Zuberbier Kingston
2nd: 57 Joel Hernandez St. Charles
3rd: 71 Austin Runge Lake Zurich
4th: 79 Dave Richards Marengo
5th: 2 Chad Puffer Sycamore
6th: 50D John Dietrich Carol Stream
7th: 30 Peter Hayes Villa Park
8th: 117x Adrian Roscelli DeKalb
9th: 72 Mitch Moag Oswego
10th: 69 Gary Winckler JR. Hinckley

Pure Stocks
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 43c Stacy Doris Genoa 19.929
Trophy Dash: 26 Nick Schneider Rockford
Heat : 50iii John Dietrich Kingston

Feature 1:
1st: 50iii John Dietrich Kingston
2nd: 26 Nick Schneider Rockford
3rd: 43c Stacy Doris Genoa
4th: 21 Jim White
5th: 28 Smokey Boyd Elgin
6th: 75 Jerry Legner Cresthill
7th: 88 Michael Huber Algonquin
8th: 96c Brad Swanson Marengo

Editor’s Note: With over 50 years of racing, the Sycamore Speedway provides affordable, summer entertainment for families in the DeKalb County area. While they continue to update the track to keep up with the times, they are committed to maintaining the nostalgic atmosphere that people love.

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