Whiskey Acres Bottling Party


When you get a group of friends together, you want to do something fun. Nick Nagele asked for some friends to help him bottle one of Whiskey Acres Distilling Company’s newest Bourbons and a party broke out.

It is a unique experience seeing the aged brown liquid come from a tank to a processing machine into bottles. These bottles are corked, sealed and packaged and a new variety of Whiskey Acres Bourbon is ready to ship to select stores and drinking establishments.

You can sample some of the different Whiskey Acres Bourbons at Ellwood’s Steak and Fish House in DeKalb, Illinois.


  1. I have to find out how to get your spirits in California! I served a bottle of your bourbon to my Cooking Club members paired with Bourbon Marshmallow/Bacon/S’mores and it was a HUGE hit. Still have my bottle of Rye which I am keeping for myself!.

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