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City of DeKalb TIF Update Letter_091418


  1. What do these “administrative costs” represent? Who got paid and for what? The taxpayers deserve details before a new tif is formed. We need to see if the past tax dollars spent on private development have had a positive economic impact on the city’s revenue. If it can’t be proven effective it needs to be ended. I believe the taxpayers in the city should be added to the list of litigants that might sue to get their money back.

    • Reads like an $11 million dollar “unencumbered” buy off to me and that’s not a correction of past practices nor will it decrease the burden of an overtaxed system. 100% agreement that the members of the JRB failed to ask “unencumbered” questions when it counted. The City does not owe the other taxing districts an accounting going back 20 years but they do owe it to the taxpayers, a forensic audit is advised. But the other taxing units also owe the taxpayers a 20-year accounting of what they did with the “unencumbered” funds they received from the Van Buer/Blagojevich Central TIF extension. And finally, the power of 2×2 and its ability to circumvent the OMA is fully displayed in this letter — projects that were fully expected to be approved will be cancelled or delayed? Oh my.

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