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The City of DeKalb JRB (Joint Review Board) meeting scheduled today (Friday, September 7) at 1:00 p.m. was delayed waiting the arrival of the DeKalb School Board Attorney, Gino Galluzzo.

After a short delay, Mayor Jerry Smith called the meeting to order and opened the floor for comments. There were three (3) speakers to the Board, including Jamie Craven (Superintendent of District 428),  Mark Charvat (concerned citizen) and Bessie Chronopoulos (former Mayor of DeKalb).

First speaker, Jamie Craven, requested a 30-day recess so that all areas (School District, Park District, Library District, DeKalb County and others) have time to review the TIF #3 concept and the revenue effect on all taxing bodies. Mark Charvat questioned the lack of content and informative details of the new TIF district.  Bessie Chronopoulos requested better evaluation of past TIF programs to make sure any future TIF is realistic and/or needed.

After brief conversations from Board members, Mr. Bill Nicklas (Kishwaukee College representative) made a motion to request a 30-day delay to assure all parties time to meet with the Mayor (and/or Council members), and members of the JRB have time to access any information pertinent to the approval of DeKalb TIF District #3. The next meeting will be scheduled in 30 days, once all parties have had time to review the information.


  1. FYI…if you live in a TIF district you can see how much of your property tax goes into it on your real estate tax bill. I live in TIF1. I recently found an old tax bill from 1985 and I was in the TIF district way back then. That would be at least 33 years that the first TIF district has been around. Still not sure what any of that money has been spent on in my area.

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