Flag Retirement Chamber Dedication

Soldier Saluting American Flag

The American Flag

The American Flag represents our unity as a nation. Men and women died to protect her. As she fades, worn and unserviceable, the flag needs to be disposed of properly.

Local Boy Scout, Noah Larsen, wants to make sure all U.S. flags are given proper respect in their retirement. As a project for his Eagle ranking, Noah has built a special Burning Pit to give proper retirement service for all old and battered American flags.

The American Legion Post 66 in DeKalb, Illinois will be having a flag disposal ceremony this Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. at the DeKalb American Legion Hall, located at 1204 S 4th St in DeKalb. This event will mark a special occasion as the efforts of Boy Scout Noah Larsen from DeKalb Troop 33, who is earning his Eagle Scout Rank, completed the building of a special Flag Retirement Chamber on the grounds of the DeKalb American Legion Hall.

Eagle Scout MedalThis event is open to all DeKalb County residents to honor Eagle Scout Larson and to see a true Flag Retirement ceremony event. A special invitation is given to all former and current military members, veterans and their families. Join in as we show respect to our flag. Stand tall as we honor the flag of the United States of America. Taps will be played by Military Veteran Michael Embrey. The American Legion Hall will be open to visit after the ceremony.

The Flag Retirement Chamber Dedication is made possible by the DeKalb Sons of the American Legion, who funded the project. For more information please call the Legion Post Commander, Daniel Gallagher at (815) 756-4551.


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