Kishwaukee College Celebrating 50 Years


2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of Kishwaukee College and we will be celebrating all year long. Over the course of the year we will be recognizing those who brought Pride, Passion, and Purpose to Kishwaukee College.

Kish grew from a grassroots movement of a few community members’ desire to create an educational institution that would truly be responsive to what they, their families, and their businesses needed. These community leaders laid the groundwork for Kish to continually grow and change to meet the communities’ needs far into the future. Establishing Kish as the ‘community’s’ college.

Today, we still follow that same philosophy: a commitment to meeting the needs of our local communities. We continue to work closely with area business and industry to create educational programming and experiences that prepare our students for an ever-changing world and keeps our local economy strong, resilient, and competitive.

As we look back over the past 50 years, we are grateful for the people who came before us who had the foresight to give Kish a solid foundation and a clear mission to serve our community. We also look forward and will continue to build on their legacy of offering affordable and meaningful education that is accessible to all the residents and communities of District 523.

From all of us, to all of you: Happy Anniversary, Kish!

Dr. Laurie Borowicz
President of Kishwaukee College

Upcoming 50-year Anniversary Events

September 1 – October 29, 2018
Jonamac Corn Maze
Check out the 2018 Corn Maze at Jonamac Orchard in Malta. Maze is designed to commemorate the College’s 50th Anniversary.

June 9 – October 30
50th Anniversary Parade Float
Check out our 50th Anniversary Parade float in several community parades around the area!

November 3, 5:30 p.m.
Kishwaukee College
The Annual Foundation Gala is golden and celebrates 50 years of Kishwaukee College in the community! Donations raised benefit students directly through scholarships and program innovation.

November 14 – December 11
Kishwaukee College Art Gallery
Visit the Art Gallery for the “Faces of Kish” art exhibition featuring portraits of Kish students, staff, alumni, and community members painted by Miles Halpern, Assistant Professor of Art.

Kishwaukee College Art Gallery
Wrap up a year of celebrating 50 years of Pride, Passion, and Purpose with a reception featuring the “Faces of Kish.”

Dates and times subject to change.

See you in 2043 for the 75th Anniversary!


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