Meet the Candidates an Informative Evening

Paul Stoddard

Thirteen local, regional and state-level political candidates participated in the first DeKalb County Online “Meet the Candidates” night at the Red Roof Inn DeKalb Thursday night.

For two hours, candidates spoke about their qualifications for office and their views on important issues. They also answered questions from the moderator, Michael Embrey, and audience members.

Among the issues discussed were wind turbine and solar farm developments, property taxes and graduated income taxes, mass transit, immigration and local law enforcement, the Mega-Dump, economic stimulus incentives, and election reform.

One of the things that was heartening to see was the cordiality and willingness of all the local candidates to work together with members of the other party (in sharp contrast to national politics at this moment). County board member, Tim Bagby, shared how he is both a Republican leader and a proud union member. Paul Stoddard explained how the County Board made changes to their structure in order to share power with the minority party. It seemed apparent that at least on the local level here in DeKalb County, the political officials are committed to putting the needs of their constituents above partisan power plays.

What also stood out was the quality of candidates for public office in DeKalb County, both in their talents and experiences, and their dedication to public service. And the knowledge shared by the candidates on a wide range of issues was an educational experience for everyone in attendance—including the candidates themselves.

We are currently working on a detailed description of what was shared by all of the candidates last night, as well as an article about the only state-level candidate present, Libertarian candidate for State Comptroller, Claire Ball.

We are also hoping to get full video of the evening posted eventually.

Check back later for more!




  1. The first meeting of local, regional and state candidates. It was nice to hear about issues and not political sound bites. It was interesting that comments made by various candidates showed great concern for our State and the local area. If one listened to the content of the answers and personal overview of the candidates, you would be both more informed and excited to vote for the right candidate (most importantly – Vote).

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