Why is Title Insurance Necessary?

American Title Guaranty, Inc.

American Title Guaranty, Inc. knows that buying a home is often the most important purchase you’ll ever make. It is our job to insure that other people do not have certain prior “rights” to your property at the time that the deeds and mortgage documents are signed.

Three times Abraham Lincoln’s father, Thomas, bought farms in Kentucky and each time he had legal difficulties with the title to the farm he thought he owned. It was from experiences such as those, that the American industry of insuring land title has grown.

Today, title insurance is just as important, since a home represents the largest investment most people make in a lifetime. A low-cost, one time premium assures coverage so long as ownership remains in the name of the insured or heirs.

American Title Guaranty and their underwriters provide stability, integrity, experience and personal service that home buyers and sellers should insist on.

Protect yourself against loss due to title defects. Insist on title insurance policies from American Title Guaranty, Inc.

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  1. Not only is title insurance necessary, it’s also important as a seller and buyer to ASK your attorney and/or realtor the COSTS of this important insurance. ALL title companies charge their own prices for the products that they sell and THEY ARE NOT EQUAL It is in your best interest to do your homework to get the best price possible. PERSONALLY make the choice that’s best for YOU, don’t let your attorney and/or realtor choose for you. ASK QUESTIONS, take the time to do the “homework” and “shop around” to make an educated decision on this important step involving what is probably a major purchase in your life. Also, BUYERS are not REQUIRED to use the same title company that the seller chooses. Please keep this in mind.

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