Would You, Could You With a Goat?

Goat Yoga

Would you try yoga with a Goat? How about with a cat? Or with your children?

All kinds of community Yoga classes are being offered this month around DeKalb County. Go ahead and stretch yourself with something different. All are free or support non-profits.

Yogi Bears: Free Family Yoga (No experience needed!); Tuesday, October 16, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.; Sycamore Public Library, 103 E State St, Sycamore, IL

Think adults are the only ones who could use some quiet time or methods to unwind and destress? Imagine if we modeled these types of positive self care methods as a tool for the young. How might that help them manage: change, stress, or navigating through life in general? From home to school or just in their own little worlds…everyone deserves a time and place to “just be.” Plus, it’s a fresh way to keep active! This class is for everyone. Especially for those who “Don’t do yoga.” 😉

Join us for a short and sweet 45 min- 1 hour monthly session open to children (usually 2-6, but siblings of all ages welcome!) and family to learn a variety of fun, creative activities to practice healthy self care methods that will extend far into adulthood. Library cards are NOT required! Free to the community! Mats not required. Just wear something comfy 🙂

And remember, Monkey see monkey do! Let’s start them early! Below you will find a link for a list of reasons why children who learn body awareness, physical activity and
mindfulness could benefit Yogi Bears. If you have any other questions please message Angelina at Find What Moves you.

25 Reasons Your Kids Should Do Yoga

Tails Humane Society Cat Yoga: For The Body Mind & Feline; Thursday, September 20, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.; DeKalb Public Library, 309 Oak St, DeKalb, IL

Have you been on the edge of your yoga mat waiting for the right time to welcome a new fur baby into your family? The planets have aligned, because while you get your cat pose on, Tails Humane Society is going to bring the cats to YOU. Be prepared for a fuzzy out-of-body experience, maybe burn some catnip, and have a good time, because this is an all-levels class for the Body, Mind, and Feline. Who knows–maybe you’ll end up finding that cherished Cheshire who will align your chakras and be your new yoga buddy for your home practice!

This event is FREE and open to all. Please register by contacting Colleen at the email address listed below. Information on how to bring a kitty to a safe and loving home will be available. Wear something comfortable, and please bring a yoga mat. Extras are limited.

For additional information, please contact Colleen at cowzroc@gmail.com.

Goat YogaGoat Yoga! Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (Check schedule and availability.) 14775 Keslinger Rd, Dekalb, IL; Info: (815) 354-4983

* Fridays available for group events.

Come for a refreshing yoga class and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with the goats. Our goats offer an abundance of love and affection. They will enhance and brighten your day. Class will be indoors if weather does not cooperate. $30 for adults, $15 for children per class (cash only, exact please). Please bring yoga mat or large towel.

All skill levels welcome. Come for a new relaxing experience. Stay to pet the goats.

Your participation supports Live Learn and Lead a therapeutic farm program.

Community Yoga Class, Sundays 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 pm (check schedule every week), Now Yoga Bliss, 215 W Elm St, Sycamore, IL (Enter from Somonauk St.)

All forms of yoga honor the idea that all of the diversity of creation in the universe is connected. Community yoga class allows students to come together and connect through a yoga practice. Care is paid to accommodate the beginner in this class. A donation is suggested for the class, but no student will be turned away regardless of his/her ability to pay.

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