Chronopoulos: Reconsider Hotel Development


For the sake of good, sustainable planning and citizen protection, please consider one more plea.

Following is my understanding of an issue involving recent development:

1. The City feels that a long term stay hotel is needed in DeKalb because of potential revenues.
2. A location is in the Knolls subdivision, close to existing homes and the playground.
3. The facility is to be a 4-story, 90 room hotel on a 2.87-acre lot.
4. In order for this facility to be erected, special permission/zoning changes had to be obtained.

My questions are as follows:

1. Are there not other locations for such a facility?
2. Current residents bought home knowing that the zoning was Light Commercial which does not allow hotels. Thus, why is the City not protecting the investment of these homeowners?
3. Why does the stability of a neighborhood have to be destroyed?

I am asking for Mayor Smith, Ald. Finnucane, Ald. Marquadt, Ald. Fagan, and Ald, Noreiko to reconsider their vote on this hotel development. All it takes is for one of them to bring this up for reconsideration before the next Council meeting to be voted on again. It will also take each of these elected officials to look at every single aspect of this development and ask themselves if they are willing to sacrifice the integrity of a neighborhood when other options are available. People investing in homes in DeKalb is what we need…not a short term fix that will benefit a few. I beg you to reconsider…for the sake of the City.


Bessie Chronopoulos


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