DeKalb County on the Grow

The DeKalb County Economic Development Corp.’s State of the County annual presentation Thursday night offered a medley of positive comments on the status of business economics within the county. According to DCEDC Executive Director, Paul Borek, the unemployment rates are at an all-time low in the county. Borek also spoke on the lack of skilled workers to fill available jobs.
After the meeting, local businessman Jeff Richardson spoke to DeKalb County Online on the lack of specialized space for new smaller businesses. “There is a need for incubator space to help grow small start-up businesses,” said Richardson. “Incubators and co-working spaces can provide new start-up firms and small businesses with a strong support network as well as an entrepreneurial environment, professional network and critical resources to help develop and grow their business.” 
According to the DCEDC website, the DeKalb County labor market includes over 611,000 workers residing within a 40-mile radius.

The keynote speaker for the event was Jason Dickinson from the 3M Corporation, with operations based in DeKalb. 
There were about 240 attendees representing approximately 50 businesses and organizations at Faranda’s Banquet Center

Borek concluded that the county is in good shape and there is a bright future for both employees and employers.

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