DeKalb Police Report Phone Scam


It has been brought to the attention of the DeKalb Police Department that someone is posing as a DeKalb Police Officer, attempting to solicit donations from people over the phone.

The DeKalb Police Department does NOT solicit for monetary donations via telephone. The DeKalb Police Department recommends you do NOT provide monetary donations over the phone. If you experience this type of call, do not provide any of your personal identifiers (date of birth, social security number) this includes financial information (credit card numbers, the three-digit code on the reverse side of your credit card, bank routing number and other bank account numbers). This is a SCAM.

Often the phone number that appears on your caller ID has been “spoofed” and is not the phone number that it is purported to be.

If you have a complaint or feel you were the victim of this scam, contact the DeKalb Police Department at (815) 748-8400.

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