In Loving Memory of Rob DeShazer


A funeral service for Rob DeShazer was held Monday, October 15, 2018 at Quiram Sycamore Chapel. DeShazer was the Manager/Co-Owner of Tapa La Luna Restaurant in DeKalb since 2011 and former manager at O’Leary’s Ale House.

The building was filled with well wishers. The main chapel and all the lobbies and additional rooms were filled with approximately 250 plus attendees. The service was very emotional and the room filled with tears for a very respectful sendoff.

Rob (a US Army veteran) had full military honors with 15 members of the DeKalb American Legion Post 66 Honor Guard in attendance. The Honor Guard fired the traditional 3 volleys, followed by the Post Bugler Michael Embrey playing TAPS. Two US Army members folded the flag from the coffin and presented it to Rob’s widow.

After the funeral, there was a luncheon at Faranda’s in DeKalb. Food was provided by twelve different local restaurants. In a Daily Chronicle article, Mel Witmer, Owner of O’Leary’s Ale House, pointed out that this was another example of DeShazer being able to bring people together, even within the often contentious DeKalb restaurant community.

DeShazer died on Tuesday, October 9 of a heart attack at the age of 41. People who knew Rob were aware of his big heart—that he exhibited through his willingness to always lend a hand to help those in need. Unfortunately, what was unknown to everyone including DeShazer and his wife, Tiffany, was that he also had a physically-enlarged heart, which ultimately led to his untimely death.

There were many examples of DeShazer’s generosity. Just this month, he had started a GoFundMe Campaign to collect money, warm clothing and blankets for the homeless before winter arrives. Even in death, he is helping others, as large donations have come in since his passing.

Last year, DeShazer collected a truckload of donations for residents of Rockport, Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

He was even generous with his Facebook reviews, giving all ten bars/restaurants he reviewed five stars, including the now-defunct DeKalb Applebee’s.

Rob DeShazer’s passing was made even more tragic by the fact that he was the last-surviving son in his family. The first-born son, Carl, died in infancy in 1971 and Rob’s brother, Andrew, died in 2015 at the age of 42. They leave behind their parents and their sister, Carrie.

Rob was an intimate listener, who could roar to gain attention, get a whole room laughing with his hilarious jokes and nurture the meekest of people and animals.

Rob was known  for his smiles and hugs. Memories abound of Rob rushing out to help strangers on the street. Rob loved holding out umbrellas in the rain and supporting guests as they walked to their cars on icy nights.  Wait-staff remember Rob fondly for walking them to their cars at the end of a shift. Rob had no idea how many people absolutely loved him or would miss him dearly!    R.I.P. Rob

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