Indian Valley Theatre Presents “Money Matters”


Opening Soon! Indian Valley Theatre presents “Money Matters.”

Indian Valley Theatre is currently in rehearsal for its next production: “Money Matters,” directed by Christine Johnson and written by Michael and Susan Parker with rights by Samuel French.

The Crime…The late Mr. Hammond spent twenty years printing $20 bills on a printing press he built in the basement of Monet Manor. After his death ten years ago, his faithful retainer George and his daughter Annie continued the family business for Mr. Hammond’s widow who recently passed away.

The Problem… Contrary to her promise to leave the manor and all her assets to George and Annie, Mrs. Hammond has bequeathed the manor to a stranger, Mr. Bud Davis. George and Annie offer to buy the manor from him, but he is emphatic about turning it into a retirement home for ladies. Enter Charmaine Beauregard (Annie’s sorority sister), who plays the role of a ghost, to help convince Bud that the manor is unsuitable for a retirement home because it is haunted.

The Chaos…Bud arrives with his architectural adviser, Bernard Oppenheimer, a man very much interested in making money. Bud Davis turns out to be “Bud the Stud,” a geriatric chick chaser and an old flame of Charmaine’s. However, Charmaine puts a move on George, and Marilena (the Hungarian Psychic who speaks to spirits and organizes a séance) falls for Bud’s charms.

The Betrayal…Bernard eventually discovers the printing press and insists on becoming George and Annie’s partner. He then attempts to steal a large sum of freshly laundered money which they intended to use to buy Monet Manor.

The Denouement…Bud, after his intentions to Marilena begin to wane due to a series of circumstances, decides he’s just too old to continue chasing chicks, and intends to settle down. But is that really true and with whom? And what becomes of George, Annie, Marilena, Bernard, Charmaine and the Ghost?

Don’t miss all the twists and turns that occur by purchasing your tickets today for Indian Valley Theatre’s hilarious production of “Money Matters.”

Performances will be:

Friday, Oct. 26 @ 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 27 @ 7:30 p.
Sunday, October 28 @ 2 p.m.

Venue: The historic Sandwich Opera House, 140 E Railroad St, in Sandwich.

Tickets are $15.00 in advance or $18.00 at the door.

For questions or more information about “Money Matters” or Indian Valley Theatre, please e-mail or contact IVT at (888) 365-8889.

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