National Farmer’s Day October 12


Today is National Farmer’s Day, a day to recognize the hard-working farmers who put food on our tables and also boost our economy by exporting the fruits of their labor all over the world.

For all of the talk about American manufacturing, food products are the country’s largest net-exports. And the top two food products that the United States exports are soybeans and corn. Illinois is the #1 soybean-producing state in the nation and is second only to Iowa in corn production.

DeKalb County farmers have played a large role in making the agriculture industry in this state and country so productive. The Marsh brothers of DeKalb invented a harvesting machine in 1860 that revolutionized grain farming. in the 1900s, DeKalb County farmers led the way in hybrid seed corn research through the formation of the nation’s first Farm Bureau. And through the invention of barbed wire manufacturing, DeKalb County also made a substantial contribution to livestock farming.

National Farmer’s Day was previously known as “Old Farmer’s Day” and has been celebrated since the 1800s as a way to honor farmers throughout history. The date of the holiday coincides with the end of harvesting season, when farmers can finally rest from their labor and celebrate.

So make sure you thank a farmer today, either in person or through the hashtag #NationalFarmersDay, in remembrance of everything they have contributed to Dekalb County and to our great nation.

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