ComEd LED Streetlighting Program Update

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The first phase of ComEd’s LED Street Lighting Program in DeKalb is complete. Over
800 ComEd-owned sodium-vapor streetlights have been replaced with LED streetlights.
200 more streetlights are scheduled for replacement this year. Approximately 900
ComEd-owned sodium vapor streetlights are scheduled for replacement in 2019.

The reported benefits of LED street lighting include longer bulb life, lower energy costs,
lower maintenance costs, and higher quality of light, which increases safety and
(potentially) reduces crime.

However, like many technological advancements, there are drawbacks. In some cases, residents may take exception to the dramatic increase in brightness of the “whiter” LED streetlight compared to the sodium-vapor streetlight. In many of these cases, an adjustment can be made to the LED streetlight that will minimize its undesirable effects.

If you have experienced significant undesirable effects due to recently installed LED lighting, the Public Works Department wants to hear from you. Please contact the Public Works Department at (815) 748-2040 with the following information:

Date, Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Address, Location of Streetlight, Pole
Number (if Available), and the Concern.

The Public Works Department will work with ComEd to resolve your complaint.

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