DeKalb American Legion Honors Local Artists


With a bevy of Veterans activities surrounding the long veteran weekend holiday, American Legion Post 66 Commander Gallagher felt it would be important to engage the students at the local schools to do something to honor veterans. With the help of fellow American Legion member Michael Embrey, a contest was created to allow the students to express their support of veterans in a visual format. Providing poster boards and paper, local schools were asked to be part of this event by having their students create posters, and these posters would be showcased at various business in the DeKalb area.

The Ladies Auxiliary of Post 66 voted on the winning posters and announced the winner to the schools and student winners. There were many excellent submissions and it was not an easy decision. The DeKalb American Legion Post wanted to reward those students with outstanding skills by offering a small prize stipend. The Top prize went to Sophie Keun for her rendering of an American Flag and the words, “Thank you for your service,” in 13 languages.

The winners were:
1st Place – Sophie Keun, 6th Grade – Clinton Rosette MS – $50
2nd Pace – Devin Shaulis, 6th grade – Clinton Rosette MS – $40
3rd Pace – Olivia Woodruff, 6th grade – St Mary’s School – $30
4th Place – Immanuel Barnes, 6th grade – Clinton Rosette MS – $20
5th Place – Ciara Dunham, 6th grade – St Mary’s School – $10

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