DeKalb County Democrats Holiday & Volunteer Thank You Party


On November 6th we elected a new Governor-elect, JB Pritzker. As a vintage campaign bumper sticker from past Party Chair Eileen Dubin states: “Happiness is a New Governor”!

The Blue Wave that we all helped make swept many of our Democratic candidates into office and laid a solid foundation for victories to come. Without the hard work of members of Labor, Democratic Precinct Committee People, dedicated campaign staff, and volunteers new & old, our great Democratic candidates would not have done as well as they did on Election Night.

The door knocking, the phone banking, the poll watching, the Literature bag stuffing, and the other work we’ve all done helped us Get Out The Vote at levels more than ten percent higher than the average for Congressional Elections in DeKalb County.

For this greatly increased participation that could change DeKalb County and the State of Illinois for the better for generations to come, thanks go ultimately to our 2018 Democratic voters, both new and long-time.

In gratitude, the DeKalb County Democratic Party would like to invite all DeKalb County Democrats to our 2018 combined Holiday & Volunteer Thank You Party at Taxco Restaurant (223 W. State St. Sycamore) on Tuesday, December 11th from 5:30 till 9 p.m.  Come celebrate our victories and meet your friends & fellow Democrats. We welcome everyone into our diverse Party.

Our diversity is our strength; we can only truly represent everyone in our county when all voices are heard.

Jim Luebke
DeKalb County Democratic Party

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