DeKalb and Dolton Similarities


Dear DeKalb City Council and Finance Advisory Committee,

Below is a very interesting article worth the time to read (I referenced Dolton at the last joint meeting):

An American Suburb 2018

I see  some similarities between Dolton and the future of DeKalb.

I would consider NIU as a “manufacturer” of Students, which has seen a
significant loss of commerce and created a vacuum effect in our community.

Over the years we have also lost other small businesses and manufacturers.

How do we bring back and grow industry, manufacturers and small businesses?

Shouldn’t this growth be the highest priority?

It has been said, “Grow or Die,” and we have been too stagnant and have had
extremely low growth the last 10 years.

Do we have a plan if we do not grow or decline in growth as a community?

We need to continue to stay business-friendly through correct policy decisions.

Thank you for the time spent during these difficult financial times and what could be considered a thankless job.


Will Heinisch

BCC:  City Council, Finance Advisory Committee

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