DeKalb Park District TIF District JRB Resolution


At the December 20, 2018 meeting of the DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners, the board voted 5-0 to approve a resolution in support of improvements to the Joint Review Boards for the City of DeKalb TIF Districts. The resolution states the District’s support of the proposed City Code Chapter 37 (Tax Increment Financing Regulations) that were discussed at the City Council meeting on December 10, 2018 but were tabled for future consideration. The resolution also expresses the District’s support for an audit of records relating to TIF grants, revenues, and expenditures over the past 23 years. [TIF 1 began in December, 1986 and was extended for 12 additional years in 2009.]

According to Phil Young, Board President, the DeKalb Park District is not pursuing any “money grabbing” tactics as has been alleged by some, but rather, is simply supporting putting into place practices and procedures that will improve transparency in the TIF District’s in the future. This will be beneficial to all taxpayers of the City of DeKalb and of the DeKalb Park District.

A full copy of the resolution is attached below.

Resolution No 18-07.Signed


    • Matt Keys you’re narrative would be captivating, but for the fact that Tsapa (multiple partners who own buildings in DeKalb, one of which does have current TIF projects) didn’t even sign a contract on the building until a couple months AFTER the vote on Cornerstone…

      As for Plaza, if you do the research, you’ll quickly notice that I wasn’t present for the approval vote (as I had recused, being that I DID, by then, have an existing business relationship, at that point, and felt it would indeed be a conflict to vote) and wasn’t present for the amended use vote just taken at the beginning of the month… In simple terms, I didn’t even participate in either of the major votes related to the project. So, tell me again, how someone benefited from my vote, when indeed, I didn’t even vote?

    • Matt Keys if you wanted an ACTUAL juicy story, you’d probably have asked me why I sold the building in the first place. I could enthrall you with the tales of City management and how they continually harassed me, making up code restrictions as they went, and seemingly out of thin air. I could tell you all about the direction from the top of our organization down to rank-and-file to effectively harass me into walking away. I can tell you the stories about how they continually and intentionally made it next to Impossible to do any project or Redevelopment on that site whatsoever. I can show you how they misdefined the property as in the CBD, when as of just the very last meeting we had, it was clear that it was not, and never was. I can show you the ridiculous requirements that they put on the property to even begin discussions of reusing it, that effectively didn’t exist in law. It wouldn’t be difficult to show you, how I was bullied, harassed, and made a target of by City of DeKalb staff at the time, into having few options but selling the property. I could provide examples of the several potential tenants, and or uses of the site, that the city effectively turned their back on. Now THAT would be an interesting tale… and one based in both reality and fact!

    • David Jacobson I believe the narrative is quite captivating. A contract was signed months after millions of dollars were given for a project that was hastily put together and forced through council right before an election(which I believe no incumbents won). It obviously would have looked worse if you hadn’t recused yourself from the next giveaway. Only you and Mr. Pappas know what your agreement prior to contract on the property was or when exactly the handshake happened. Free money from the taxpayers certainly swayed the decision of whoever signed the contract with you. All I know is what I’ve read and remembered from the few council meetings I have attended. I don’t know why Ann Marie was fired. I don’t know why anyone believes that Cornerstone is a 7.5 million dollar building. I don’t know why John Pappas has such an easy time getting things done when all I hear is stories like yours of the city blocking. I don’t know why Dean Frieders is still our attorney.

    • Actually, it was the Church that had approached me about purchasing the parking lot that started the conversation. Several members of the Church board helped negotiate the agreement so that they could control the fate of the lot. The building had been up for public auction at the end of February (for ANY interested party to bid on openly and publicly… the paper did a story or two about it) It did not meet its reserve to sell. After the auction, the Church reached out. We met in public as a group. When every one agreed on the numbers, a few days later we had the attorneys draft of the contract. Prior to signing, I notified the city that I would be selling, who was involved, and personally felt I should recuse myself on projects going forward (even though I was advised I was not in any way required to)…

      Basically, if you don’t know something, Ask. More often than not, you’ll find, that when I can, I’m happy to explain things… most especially when they relate to me personally… I have found, when you have nothing to hide, it is quite easy to be wholly transparent, even if its uncomfortable or not all together necessary. Want even more access than that? Run for council… It sorely will need a skeptic that isn’t afraid to ask questions when I’m gone…

    • Matt Keys if you REALLY wanted to put on a Tin Foil hat, and go down rabbit holes… one of the other buildings I own in DeKalb, was platted developed and built by you guessed it… the same developer you seem to take issue with! I also own a building on Greek Row, and that same developer happens to be… wait for it… Greek! Wild stuff huh?

    • David Jacobson I hope, before you leave office, you will expose the dirtiness that occurs within city administration. Detail the harassment, how difficult it is to do business, and all the dirty details. In fact, you should write a tell All…. if you sell it, I will be first person in line to buy a copy

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