DeKalb Teenager Comes Home From Heart Transplant


It’s been seven long months away from home, but DeKalb teenager Christopher Canaday returned to DeKalb Wednesday night after a long and challenging recovery from a Heart Transplant last September. Family and friends gave him a grand reception he won’t soon forget.

A crowd of well-wishers including family, friends and community members waited in the cold in front of the Canaday family home to welcome Christopher back to DeKalb. The shouts of “Welcome home!” and “We love you!” rang out as Christopher emerged from the limo.

Several local supporters including Molly Green, Lisa Rove-Williams, Ali Henry and others helped organize this surprise welcome. The procession included a DeKalb police and fire truck escort and a variety of well-wishers waving “Welcome home” signs along the way.

Through a coordinated effort with FunME Events and NICE TLC Limo company (and driver Bill Lamb), DeKalb’s premiere limo service provided Christopher a deluxe and first-class experience from Loyola Medical Center in Maywood to DeKalb.

There is a “Go Fund Me” page for the Canaday family. Please support this courageous young man:


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