FSA Invites You to Give Back to the Community


Family Service Agency (FSA) is inviting you to consider the importance of giving back to the community this Holiday season. Many individuals in the community benefit from individuals who are willing to give their time and talents to those in need. FSA has a variety of volunteer opportunities for those who want to make a difference!

FSA has two programs that are always looking for volunteers: Senior Services and Youth Mentoring. At FSA’s Senior Services, we believe every senior deserves to be independent, safe, and live with dignity. You can help support Seniors in the community by volunteering at our local Club 55 locations. Club 55 is a safe place for anyone who is 55 and older to socialize, play games, listen to presentations, participate in exercise classes, and more! FSA is looking for volunteers to assist with activities, classes, and events. Please call Diana King, Senior Services Programs Manager, for more information.

FSA’s Senior Connections Program is also looking for volunteers. This is a volunteer-based program that provides older adults who are 55 and older with socialization and friendly visits. Volunteers must be 18 and older and have a desire to socialize with older adults through conversations, games, crafts, community events, and more. We ask that our volunteers commit to visiting with their Senior friend for at least 8 hours a month for a minimum of 9 months. Please call Stephanie Severing, Community Programs Coordinator, for more information.

FSA’s Youth Mentoring program believes every child deserves someone that believes in them. Youth Mentoring provides two types of mentoring programs for children: Community-Based and Lunch Buddies. The Community-Based program involves a volunteer, or mentor, spending a few hours a month doing things with their mentee in the community. Some examples include cooking, sports, video games, and more! The Lunch Buddies program involves a mentor having lunch and recess with a mentee at their school every other week during the school year. For more information about Youth Mentoring, please call Erin Tamms, Community Programs Director.

FSA would not be able to do the work that they do without help from volunteers! FSA provides services that benefit individuals of all ages through four programs: Senior Services, Center for Counseling, Children’s Advocacy Center, and Youth Mentoring. Please consider getting involved this Holiday season! If you would like to give back to your community, please contact Family Service Agency at (815) 758-8616 for more information!

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