Protect Your Holiday Packages


Porch pirates are looking for your holiday gifts.

Online shopping has exploded over the last several years. As avid consumers, we love its convenience, but the increase in package deliveries has given rise to a frustrating crime. Our purchases often rest on our front porches like sitting ducks, easy targets for package-stealing “porch pirates.” How can online shoppers protect their purchases from thieves?

How To Protect Yourself Against Porch Pirate Theft:

  • Install a security camera or doorbell cam
  • Ship your packages to a location where you’ll be during the day, such as your work address
  • Provide special instructions, for example, “please leave at neighbor’s house”
  • Place a locked parcel box near your mailbox or front door
  • Take advantage of secure location services offered by package delivery companies
  • Consider secure services, such as USPS Registered Mail or FedEx signature required
  • Install motion-censored outdoor lighting
  • Post a warning sign that your front porch is under surveillance

A quick fix is to post signs that say your home is under surveillance. This tactic makes thieves aware that the home “may” or “may-not” have cameras and they and/or their getaway vehicle can be on camera. You can order this signage from Amazon (see below-with free shipping).

Click here to order “Video Surveillance” sign


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