Whiskey Acres Opens New Visitor’s Center


Whiskey Acres in DeKalb, IL just opened their new Visitor’s Center, expanding their indoor public space from 400 square feet to 4,000 square feet.

From their Facebook page:

“We’d like to thank the many professionals and tradesman who helped craft our new Visitors Center. Special thanks to Saavedra Gehlhausen Architects of Rockford; Silver Fox Timberframes of Knoxville; and Swedberg & Associates of Sycamore, IL. Great job! We are open this weekend and every weekend thereafter!”

Their original tasting room was built over 50 years ago by Owner Jim Walter’s brother out of recycled materials from the family’s old dairy barn. It’s nice, but not nearly large enough to accommodate the many visitors they receive from literally all over the world. As DeKalb’s top-rated tourist attraction, they have hosted visitors from 45 states, 45 countries and all seven continents, including a research team from Antarctica, according to Jim Walter.

Whiskey Acres is another great example of local people using resources that are abundant in DeKalb County (corn) in innovative ways to create something new and exceptional.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about them in 2015 for DeKalb County Magazine when they were just getting started: Whiskey Acres: The Spirit of DeKalb

Whiskey Acres is located at:
11504 Keslinger Road
DeKalb, IL 60115

(844) 4WHISKEY /(844) 494-4753

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  1. Very impressive. What most don’t appreciate is the forethought that goes into something like this. Before 1 shovel of dirt was moved thousands of hours went into that project. Swedberg and Associates is very happy for Whiskey Acres success and the staff of professional employees we work with. Congrats and cheers to my neighbors!

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