1500 Genoa Residents Without Power – Updated


Update (1:22 p.m.):

ComEd has notified the City that there are only 58 homes in Genoa remaining without power.

Even for those with power, if it’s taking a while for your homes to warm up, please utilize City Hall as a warming center if you need to.

ComEd has also sent a warming bus which is parked in the Police Department parking lot.

Due to the severe cold and the City-wide power outage, power was also lost at the water wells. This caused the pressure to drop below the mandated EPA low pressure threshold. Even though the system was not compromised, we are required to mandate a community wide boil order for the next 24 hours.

As the pressure comes back up, the water might be discolored. This is common when the system is disturbed.

Initial Post:

According to a message sent out by the Genoa-Kingston School District Superintendent, about 1500 Genoa, IL residents are currently without electricity.

Given the extreme cold weather (currently -20°F), this is obviously a dangerous situation.

Genoa City Hall (333 E 1st St.) and Genoa-Kingston High School (980 Park Ave.) are being used as warming centers.

ComEd has sent a warming bus to Genoa City Hall and expect power back up at by 3 p.m.

Genoa residents are also experiencing issues with water pressure.

If you live in Genoa, please make sure you check on your neighbors and notify the police if you think anyone might be in danger.

We will give updates on this situation later.


  1. Great work and response from the servicemen who put their lives on the line for us. Still wondering why there isn’t dual or even triple redundancy built into the system – a sound engineering practice that could have kept power on and allow repairmen to address the failure at a safer time.

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