Anna Racine Found Safe By DeKalb Police


The good news is that Anna Racine was found safe by DeKalb Police on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

According to Anna’s aunt, Kate Roman on Facebook, “Anna was found by the great work of The Dekalb Police Department and is safe. Thank you for caring and sharing her flyer. She is getting the care she needs.”

While feeling guilty about having to continue to reach out to the public for tips in order to track down the now 16-year-old’s whereabouts, Anna’s family fears for her safety every time she goes missing amid news of human trafficking and child abductions. With Anna’s repeated disappearances, the family has faced increasing public criticism, but they point out that in spite of her bad decisions she is still a minor loved by her family and frustrated as people have been assisting and harboring her.

Roman posted on Facebook on behalf of Racine’s family, “Thank you for your sharing, caring, [and] ongoing support; it’s Human compassion that has given us all strength during this difficult time.”


  1. I’m glad she was found and her parents are right. Teens who run away or have drug problems are still children that are loved. They shouldn’t be labeled, ridiculed and forgotten. There’s a sad story if a girl in South Elgin that was labeled by the first official and so her case was not worked properly and it didn’t end well. It has led to a new alert in Illinois called the Kiana alert. It’s for all missing minors no matter the situation or age. (Amber alert is only given for abduction cases and in most states for under age 10)

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