Message From City of Sandwich on Snow Plows



Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent filling the ends of driveways with snow as the snow plow truck drives by. The snow plow blade is angled to push the snow off the streets and into the parkways. Please know that the snow plow drivers do not enjoy pushing snow into your driveway. Snow from the driveways shall not be placed back into the streets; please place the snow in the parkways. Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate situation.

On occasion, mailboxes become damaged when struck by a snow plow or when wet, plowed snow hits them. In addition, lawns and parkways occasionally are damaged if the snow plow rides up the curb into a parkway. If a mailbox or lawn is accidentally damaged by a snow plow vehicle, please accept our apologies in advance and call City Hall at (815) 786-9321 to arrange for repair. On occasion, it can be necessary to have a temporary mailbox installed until the Spring. Damage to lawns will also be addressed in the Spring.

Note: This message was posted on the City of Sandwich Facebook page.


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