Super Cold Science


The current air temperature is -25°F in DeKalb, IL, which is near the all-time record cold for the area.

Since schools are all off, here a few fun science experiments you can do with your kids to take advantage of the rare extreme cold. (Thanks to NPR for these ideas!)

1. What happens to boiling water in -25 Fahrenheit air?

If you throw boiling water into the air at this temperature, it will turn into ice crystals before it hits the ground. (We just tried it and it works!)

Detailed scientific explanation: How Can Boiling Water Turn Into Snow?

In case you are not able to try this yourself, here is an old Youtube video showing you what happens:

2. Frozen Bubbles:

Just make some bubbles using standard bubble solution and watch them freeze right before your eyes.

Detailed explanation: How to create remarkable frozen bubbles in winter

Once again, if you are not able to try this yourself, here is what happens:

3. Make an instant Slurpee ©:

Leave two-liters of pop outside in cold weather for homemade Slurpees ©

Watch the video below for instructions.

Detailed explanation: supercooled soda